The Lord is on Thy Side


We had stake conference this past weekend and Elder Meredith shared a story from when he was a young man. He was learning how to drive with his brand new learners permit and a few minutes into it, his dad made him pull over; the driving was making him car sick because Elder Meredith was swerving all over the road. His dad asked him where he was looking, Elder Meredith replied with “the road!’ and his dad gave him some valuable advice. He explained that when we aim for just over the hood of the car, we end up swerving from one side of the lane to the other, trying to stay within the lines. But when we raise our vision and look into the horizon, we go a straight path to our destination, and staying in the lines becomes easy. When we keep our sights on the eternal goal, of being with our family forever, of living with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again, and of being eternally and perfectly happy, the rest becomes easy. There are less swerves and we wont feel as ‘sick’. When we follow the commandments, remain true and sure in the path we are taking, and keep our sights on our eternal goal, we will have a smoother, easier, and happier journey. I know it because I’ve seen it happen!

I know that Heavenly Father loves you. If there is anything I have learned on my mission, its that I know He knows each of his children perfectly and knows precisely what they need. He is able to perfectly orchestrate your life in a way that will help you grow and fulfill your eternal potential. Because He knows you and knows what you need, you just need to allow him to take over, because life is always better and happier when you have someone by your side who knows the big picture, who can see the end from the beginning, and who wants you to succeed and wants you to be happy because he loves you! No matter what, the Lord is on thy side.

I love being a missionary. I love seeing the change it brings to people’s lives (including mine!) and the happiness it brings. I have been happier than I ever have been being a missionary. It’s hard, and a lot of growing happens (and man are growing pains painful), but I am happier. Happier because I know he is on my side and wants me to succeed, and because he loves me. Just like he loves you.

Sister Waddoups


2 thoughts on “The Lord is on Thy Side

  1. Beautiful analogy, Lauren. I do like a good horizon to guide me. Otherwise, we get bogged down in the thick of thin things. Thank you for this share, and for your amazing, cheerful service. God bless your wind-up and return. Love you so very much.
    Gma B

  2. What a beautiful message! Our thoughts and prayers are with you as your mission comes to a close and you return to your loving family. Thanks so much for sharing your missionary experiences with us.

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