Scatter Sunshine!


This week was so full of miracles! We found an amazing investigator who was a former–she’s the cousin of the ward’s ideal convert. He was baptized a few years ago, went on a mission, went to BYU and got married in the temple. Our investigator, Cayla, wrote him his entire mission, is good friends with two of the ward members, loves the gospel, and when we texted to see if she had been praying about the baptism and if the book of mormon is true and she said ‘of course!’. She’s amazing.

We gave  a Jesus pass-along card to the cashier at Wendy’s, and she promptly stuck it on the register “so everyone can see Jesus” :)​

unnamedFun fact: We are so talented that we can hang spoons on our noses.

unnamed-1Love you all!

Sister Waddoups


One thought on “Scatter Sunshine!

  1. So happy you are thriving as you wind down your 24/7 service! Way to go and be the wonderful Lauren you are. Love your attitude, your upbeat nature, your kind heart and everything else that makes you wonderful Sister Waddoups. God bless you as you continue to serve these important weeks. Love you so.

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