Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

At the beginning of this week we had two baptisms solid and set for two different women, both with the same name, M! However, they went way different than I thought they would be. It was a good lesson on humility and trust in God’s will. [The first M] doesn’t want to be baptized anymore, so we called off the baptism.

The second M was baptized on Saturday! However, she ended up needing to be baptized in the Pooler Ward, even though her fellowshippers are here in the Savannah Ward. So, we call the Pooler Sisters Tuesday night and tell them that they have a baptism on Saturday with M! We called M and told her, which we thought would be difficult to do because when she moved into the Pooler Ward we originally tried to have the ​P​ooler sisters teach M, but she told us she was going to our ward with ShaMyrra or not at all. So we were nervous to tell her, but when we did she said “Oh good! That way I’ll be able to have a ride more easily to Young Women and church every week. I’ll miss you, but it’s okay, because the church is the same everywhere and Jesus in in every congregation of your church, right?” Absolutely. Miracles.


​​Sister Jeppson (remember her? I was in Valdosta with her, and she’s one of the Pooler sisters!), M, and me after M’s baptism (note the CTR ring on her right hand–she wears it every day :)

M going to the Pooler Ward was probably one of the best things that could have happened. She has a ride to church every Sunday and to Young Women every Wednesday, she was completely welcomed and enveloped into the ward, and her mom has been completely welcomed and involved in the ward.

What is a better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ than with a baptism and a fresh start?

The Church has put out an amazing video about the true meaning of Christmas–the Jesus Christ is the first and the true gift to the world from our loving Heavenly Father. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it right now:

#HeistheGift #SharetheGift​
I love you all! May your days be merry and bright!
Sister Waddoups

District plus friends Pday last week! We went to River Street, a main touristy spot where the street is like it would look in the 19th century. ​I​t’s super pretty. left to right: Sister Ward, Sister Sevy, Elder Wilkins, Elder Fadely, Sister Jensen (who is actually home off her mission now but was in Savannah for her mom’s work!) me, Elder Turnbull, with Sister Muegge and Elder Garcia in the background.​