“We are not alone in this work. This is God’s work; We are His servants, He is our Master.” Elder Merrell


Favorite moment of the week? S was baptized. Most challenging moment of the week? S was baptized, haha. Literally everything that could have gone wrong with the baptism went wrong.

It all started last Monday night when people shattered glass in the gym door and broke into the church building twice in 12 hours, causing the church building to be on lockdown except for Sunday service, so we were required to push her baptism to Sunday.

We had the entire baptism planned, the pianist, including all the rides for the 12 friends and family (including S) who don’t have a car and needed to be at the baptism (two of which live  30 minutes from the church-they were M and her mom) (miracle of miracles!!) then 12 hours before the baptism we had a lot of people backing out. We freaked out, we solved all those. Then Sunday morning, person presiding was called into work and couldn’t make it, [and about five other things went wrong]. We figured out the rides and figured out the program. Still no one presiding, that’s okay, it’ll work out. Talked to the ward mission leader about filling the font.

We get a call [and find out that person who was going to fill the font was still at home which is a problem because we don’t have a key and can’t find one]. Finally we find someone who tries his key, and it doesn’t work. So we have no access to the empty font where we are supposed to have a baptism in 25 minutes. Bishopric walks out of the bishop’s office and unlocks the font (yay!) Then the elders come with M, her mom, and J (Yay! Miracle of miracles!)

By this time the baptism is supposed to have started 5 minutes ago, and find someone to preside! Yay! We check the font, and miracle of all miracles, the font was filled. It only took 25 minutes to fill instead of the 2 hours it normally takes.

More things happened, more trials and struggles, but the baptism happened!


S was baptized and she is so excited and so happy! I love her to pieces. I gave her a CTR ring the day before her baptism when we talked about enduring to the end, and she was so excited and she said she was going to wear it every day. I gave one to [her friends] as well, and they have decided it’s their sisterhood ring and they’re going to help one another choose the right and endure to the end. I love them :)

After the baptism, M and her mom came up to us and asked if they could be baptized too! They felt the spirit so strongly and they wanted to have what S had. They are getting baptized on 6 December! So many miracles.

I love you all!

Sister Waddoups