Sorry, this is going to be a relatively brief one this week!

Last week was really rough, there was a young single adult who passed away on a ward boating trip in a tragic accident on the Bishop’s boat, and the ward was reeling. But as life seems to go, this past week has been amazing! We had so many miracles.

1) A woman requested a Bible on mormon.org, so we went to deliver it to her. When we got there, we met her friend and we talked a little with them. Her son is investigating the church in Florida, and her other son, who lives here in Savannah, was married in our church building a few years ago by our bishop! Small small world. She had noticed the difference the gospel had made in the lives of her sons, that they were happier and better people, and she wanted that. When we came back for a return appointment she said ‘I feel such light when you are here, I feel so happy and like laughing. But when ya’ll leave you take that light with ya’ll, how do ya’ll bring that light with you?’ We talked about the Holy Ghost and the ways it testifies of truth and how to have that light with us. She and her friend are both working towards being baptized on 22 November :)

2) S— and L—- came to church this week! S loved young women’s, and L loved Sacrament meeting. Bishop stood up and talked about how The Atonement of Jesus Christ covers all pain and guilt and humiliation we might feel. Because he isn’t perfect, no one is, and we all have feelings of guilt and pain and we all make mistakes. But that is exactly when we need to go to church–it is a hospital for broken people.

I love you all. Jesus Christ loves you all :)

Sister Waddoups

One thought on “Hello!

  1. Lauren, this past week was a lot like a slice of life. Tragedy interfacing with joyful things. Glad that the ladies are responding so well to the Spirit and to your loving care. I am so sorry about the accident, and my heart aches for the bishop. This will continue to be a hard thing for him to bear. But it sounds like he has the gift of the strength of the Spirit. You are good to look for the good and to be inspired by his message about imperfection. We all can relate to failure and loss, and we have to look for the promise in the pain. I think that is what I am going to prepare for our first Sunday in November lesson in RS.. The Pain and the Promise. What would we do without knowing that the Savior lived among us and knows of our struggles and pain?

    Anyway, I just send you my love and deep admiration for your work among God’s variety of children.

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