Goodbye, Augusta!

Guess what!
Shannon was baptized!
Me, Sister Hathaway, Shannon, Joey

Anna, Leah, Aaron, Nate

I love this family so much. There are no words to describe my feelings.

Shannon’s baptism was amazing- probably one of the most powerful and spiritual baptisms I have ever attended. She is amazing–this gospel has brought her so much joy and happiness. She is a different person today than she was when we first started teaching her, than she was last week. We talked to her after her baptism and she said “everyone told me I’d feel something, but I feel something. I feel amazing.” The spirit was so strong, it was undeniable. This is why I’m a missionary–to guide people towards true and lasting joy and happiness. I know that this gospel changes lives because I’ve seen it in others and I’ve seen it in myself. That is how I know this church is true.


In other news, I’m being transferred tomorrow! My time in the Stevens Creek ward has come to an end. I’ve grown so much in this area. I am a different person than when I came here. I’ve made some lifelong friends here and grown so attached to everyone. Stay tuned for next week to find out where I’m going and who I’m with!I love you all!

Sister Waddoups


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  1. Congratulations on all your doing, You are an amazing young woman, and I’m proud to know ye! I send my love with my prayers for your continued comfort and success, your Irish Aunt Sue

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