“Forbidden fruit creates many jams”–Wesley Methodist Church

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! My Birthday here was fun–Elder Noll’s birthday is the same day, so Sister S [a sister in the ward who takes great care of the missionaries] took Sister Hathaway and me, Elder Noll and Elder Simkins (his comp) and the other two elders-Elder Herzog and Elder Hiatt- out to dinner. It was a grand ol time. Fun was to be had by all :) The Cs (amazing family–they have us over for dinner every Sunday) made me a cake for my birthday as celebration on Sunday.

​M C, Me, Sister Hathaway, (and all the other Cs watching over my shoulder)

Exciting news–LS is officially getting baptized on Saturday!! We have been working with her for a little under two months and she is so ready to be baptized. She was sick this week and wanted a blessing of healing, so we had the Elders come over and give her a blessing. On Sunday we had Family Home Evening at the Orr’s house with the Seras and had a good lesson on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. In honor of L’s baptism, all the baptized members went around and talked about the memories they had from their baptism. One of the O family’s kids talked about how before he was baptized he was afraid to go upstairs by himself, but right after he was baptized he wasn’t afraid anymore because he knew he wasn’t alone–he had the Holy Ghost with him at all times and He would help him stay safe. As we talked about the Holy Ghost, L leaned over to me and asked me a question: ‘When the Elders gave me a blessing, I felt like a cold shiver on the outside but really warm and happy on the inside. Kind of like when I get nervous and have the butterflies but this was a good feeling. Was that the Holy Ghost?’ I told her it was, and asked what she thought it meant. She responded with ‘ well, after the blessing I knew everything would be okay and that I would get better and not be sick anymore.’ She is so in tune and so ready for baptism :) Stay tuned for pictures next week!
More exciting news–remember how I got stung by a wasp a few weeks ago and my hand blew up? Well, Saturday we were doing service and someone disturbed a wasps nest. All of a sudden there were 75 wasps swarming the yard. Sister Hathaway and I both were stung twice (once on each hand) and Sister Bradford was stung once. I woke up at 430 Sunday morning with HUGE hands. Hulk status. Super itchy and super swollen. Then, Sunday night I go to get into bed and found a nice little present next to my bed

I think the universe has a sense of humor. Stupid wasp.
Love y’all!

​Sister Waddoups