Putting the pieces together


This week was transfers, and Sister Hathaway and I are lucky enough to spend the next transfer together here in Augusta! I’m excited to spend another transfer with her and with the members and nonmembers we have been working with :)

Our last district meeting (Sister Drollinger and Elder Hillier are being transferred)

Sister Drollinger, Sister Woodard, me, Sister Hathaway, Elder Noll, Elder Simkins, Elder Hillier, Elder Herzog

Sister Drollinger, Sister Woodard, me, Sister Hathaway, Elder Noll, Elder Simkins, Elder Hillier, Elder Herzog

The H family, the Micronesian family we have been working with, are moving! They left Saturday for North Carolina.


It was sad and hard to say goodbye. I love them so much, the first time I went over to teach them we watched the Restoration DVD, and after the movie the son turned to me and said ‘ I feel so happy inside. I know that happened.’ We identified that as the spirit and helped him recognize the joy that comes from the gospel. They are going to keep reading the Book of Mormon and going to keep praying and building their testimony.


So many miracles happened this week! Three families we’ve been teaching all came to church this week! The family who the Elders have been teaching but this week asked us to begin teaching them are an amazing family and are so ready for this gospel in their lives and for it to bless their family. We taught them the Restoration on Thursday, and we talked about how Jesus Christ brought the priesthood, the power of God, onto the earth, but that it was taken away as the people rejected Him and His gospel. We were using a pamphlet and talked about Joseph Smith, how he asked a question and got a remarkable answer and was called to be a prophet, like Moses or Noah. The daughter turned to us and asked if he got the priesthood like the old prophets, she is so in tune and searching! We turned the page and explained how he got the priesthood from the apostles.

We had talked about how all churches have some of the truth, they all have some of the puzzle pieces, but they don’t have all of them because the priesthood is missing. After we told her that the priesthood is back on the earth, she turned to her mom and said ‘Mom, the Mormon church is true because they have all the puzzle pieces, they have the priesthood!’ I am constantly amazed at the humble faith and trust that she has, and the ability to recognize and feel the Spirit.

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups
Sister Lauren Waddoups
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