Why I’m here

Super busy and crazy week!!
But first things first–Exciting news! L was baptized!!

Back row: Sister Hathaway, me, Shannon, Joey Front row: Anna, Nathan, Leah, Aaron

It was an amazing baptism, when she came back up the steps and her mom gave her a towel, she just looked up at us and said ‘I just feel so happy.’ She had asked that the water in the font was cold, because she wanted it to feel refreshing and clean, because she was. After she was baptized, she bore her testimony and said that she was so happy she was baptized because she knows it is bringing her closer to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost so she can live with them again. She was so excited and ready to be baptized. Her mom is right behind her. At church on Sunday A, who’s four, asked ‘when is my mom going under the water?’ I told her ‘soon’ :)


The T family moved to Germany this week :( This sums up our relationship with them. They are awesome and hilarious and they have helped strengthen my testimony so much. We have had some amazing gospel conversations with them.

We went on exchanges with Sister Woodard and Sister Bradford this week–Sister Woodard and I stayed here in Stevens Creek. We were visiting potentials and knocked on one, but the woman who answered the door said they moved in January. And she promptly began to cry. We asked her what was wrong, and she told us that just minutes before, she had found out her aunt, who practically raised her, had suddenly passed away. We talked with her for a while, and gave her a Book of Mormon, testifying to her that in every time of trial and hardship, when I have turned to the Book of Mormon, I have found peace. That it contains everything you need for hope and joy in this life. Before we finished asking her if she would read it, she told us she’d start right away, that she wants that peace. At the end of the conversation she told us that she knew we were sent by God, that He knew she was far from family and needed support and love, and sent it in the best way possible–through His messengers. That it was His way of letting her know He cares and loves her. That is why I’m here. That is why I’m a missionary. To help people here in Georgia receive comfort and joy through times of trial.

In other news, this past Thursday we drove to Statesboro to have a half mission conference with Elder Kopischke of the 70, where we had an amazing conference with so much guidance. Friday Sister Hathaway and I drove to Macon to have a mission leadership council with Elder Kopischke, where we received more training and instruction on how to help the mission improve. it was an amazing experience–each time a general authority comes he shakes up the mission and motivates me to be better :)


Sister Christensen, me, Sister Munton (the three from my MTC district to come to GMM! We were at the conference together, which was also our one year mark. Weird!! And cool to be together for it)​

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups


“Forbidden fruit creates many jams”–Wesley Methodist Church

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! My Birthday here was fun–Elder Noll’s birthday is the same day, so Sister S [a sister in the ward who takes great care of the missionaries] took Sister Hathaway and me, Elder Noll and Elder Simkins (his comp) and the other two elders-Elder Herzog and Elder Hiatt- out to dinner. It was a grand ol time. Fun was to be had by all :) The Cs (amazing family–they have us over for dinner every Sunday) made me a cake for my birthday as celebration on Sunday.

​M C, Me, Sister Hathaway, (and all the other Cs watching over my shoulder)

Exciting news–LS is officially getting baptized on Saturday!! We have been working with her for a little under two months and she is so ready to be baptized. She was sick this week and wanted a blessing of healing, so we had the Elders come over and give her a blessing. On Sunday we had Family Home Evening at the Orr’s house with the Seras and had a good lesson on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. In honor of L’s baptism, all the baptized members went around and talked about the memories they had from their baptism. One of the O family’s kids talked about how before he was baptized he was afraid to go upstairs by himself, but right after he was baptized he wasn’t afraid anymore because he knew he wasn’t alone–he had the Holy Ghost with him at all times and He would help him stay safe. As we talked about the Holy Ghost, L leaned over to me and asked me a question: ‘When the Elders gave me a blessing, I felt like a cold shiver on the outside but really warm and happy on the inside. Kind of like when I get nervous and have the butterflies but this was a good feeling. Was that the Holy Ghost?’ I told her it was, and asked what she thought it meant. She responded with ‘ well, after the blessing I knew everything would be okay and that I would get better and not be sick anymore.’ She is so in tune and so ready for baptism :) Stay tuned for pictures next week!
More exciting news–remember how I got stung by a wasp a few weeks ago and my hand blew up? Well, Saturday we were doing service and someone disturbed a wasps nest. All of a sudden there were 75 wasps swarming the yard. Sister Hathaway and I both were stung twice (once on each hand) and Sister Bradford was stung once. I woke up at 430 Sunday morning with HUGE hands. Hulk status. Super itchy and super swollen. Then, Sunday night I go to get into bed and found a nice little present next to my bed

I think the universe has a sense of humor. Stupid wasp.
Love y’all!

​Sister Waddoups

Putting the pieces together


This week was transfers, and Sister Hathaway and I are lucky enough to spend the next transfer together here in Augusta! I’m excited to spend another transfer with her and with the members and nonmembers we have been working with :)

Our last district meeting (Sister Drollinger and Elder Hillier are being transferred)

Sister Drollinger, Sister Woodard, me, Sister Hathaway, Elder Noll, Elder Simkins, Elder Hillier, Elder Herzog

Sister Drollinger, Sister Woodard, me, Sister Hathaway, Elder Noll, Elder Simkins, Elder Hillier, Elder Herzog

The H family, the Micronesian family we have been working with, are moving! They left Saturday for North Carolina.


It was sad and hard to say goodbye. I love them so much, the first time I went over to teach them we watched the Restoration DVD, and after the movie the son turned to me and said ‘ I feel so happy inside. I know that happened.’ We identified that as the spirit and helped him recognize the joy that comes from the gospel. They are going to keep reading the Book of Mormon and going to keep praying and building their testimony.


So many miracles happened this week! Three families we’ve been teaching all came to church this week! The family who the Elders have been teaching but this week asked us to begin teaching them are an amazing family and are so ready for this gospel in their lives and for it to bless their family. We taught them the Restoration on Thursday, and we talked about how Jesus Christ brought the priesthood, the power of God, onto the earth, but that it was taken away as the people rejected Him and His gospel. We were using a pamphlet and talked about Joseph Smith, how he asked a question and got a remarkable answer and was called to be a prophet, like Moses or Noah. The daughter turned to us and asked if he got the priesthood like the old prophets, she is so in tune and searching! We turned the page and explained how he got the priesthood from the apostles.

We had talked about how all churches have some of the truth, they all have some of the puzzle pieces, but they don’t have all of them because the priesthood is missing. After we told her that the priesthood is back on the earth, she turned to her mom and said ‘Mom, the Mormon church is true because they have all the puzzle pieces, they have the priesthood!’ I am constantly amazed at the humble faith and trust that she has, and the ability to recognize and feel the Spirit.

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups
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