Carry on, carry on, carry on


This week has been crazy and full of miracles! On Sunday Sister Hathaway went to visit an investigator, and when they answered and we asked for [the investigator], we realized we had knocked on the wrong house, that our investigator actually lived int he identical house next door. The man who answered was ready to quickly shut the door on us, but his sister and mom came up next to him to see who was at the door, and they exclaimed ‘Sisters! come on in!’ We were very confused and walked right in. It turns out that the man was a very less active member who just ‘happened’ to have his active mom and sister in town that one day. They invited us in and we talked with them, his mom gave us all his information, and encouraged us to come on Friday to help him with his yard. Later she told us that morning she had prayed that someone would come to help guide her son back. Heavenly Father is so good, He loves us and watches over His children and allows us to be the answer to his children’s prayers.

My new companion, Sister Hathaway, is FANTASTIC! We skipped that awkward getting-to-know-you period on the companionship and we’re able to get right to having fun while we work and being accustomed to one another. It’s great :)

Last night we were able to (actually) teach the investigator and his wife (the one that we knocked on the wrong house for). They are the most adorable older couple I have ever met. They have such a strong faith in Jesus Christ and in His grace and mercy, as well as enduring to the end and continuing to read and pray and build their faith. I am so excited to talk with them about the Book of Mormon and how they can continually grow and learn and progress through personal revelation and modern prophets :)

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

PS I had some fantastic pictures this week, but I forgot my memory card reader! I’ll send some next week