“Y’all was sent here for me!”


This week was a little bit of a rough one! The climax of the week included Sister Jackson throwing up from the pain in a Subway bathroom, absolutely refusing to go home, going to Book of Mormon class, completely breaking down in the bathroom at the church and finally going home. We’re working on figuring out what’s wrong, she’s been in serious pain for about a month and a half now! But she is an amazing example to me–she still wants to go out and work even when she’s at her worst and we need to go home because she’s in so much pain she’s crying. We went to the doctor’s this morning and she should be getting some more tests done this week to figure out what’s going on–the doctor’s thinking its something with her gallbladder, an infection or stones. Or it’s a parasite. Who knows. Only time will tell.

A few stories from this week:

-We found a road that is a little sliver of Valdosta! We were walking around and a man a little ways down the road begins to wave his arms and begins to shout things like “Over here! Y’all was sent here for me!” We shrugged and headed over to talk with him and he led us to talk to all of his friends. He introduces us as “angels who just walked out of the woods to speak the word of Jesus”. We tried explaining that we actually came from the car which was parked near the woods, but he wasn’t having any of that haha. He ‘introduced’ us to E, who we had actually met before and were going back for our return appointment. E is a wonderful man who, the first time we met him, told us that God sent us to him to help him make a change in his life to become more like who he should be.

-We’ve been working with S for a little while now, and yesterday she told us she finally got all the paperwork she needs to get married, that all she needs is a ride to the courthouse to get the marriage license! She wants to get married as soon as possible (they’ve been living together for 6 years now and she feels that weighing on her and can’t wait to be baptized) so she’s talking to her boyfriend about getting married this Saturday and baptized on the 21st!

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups