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This week has been crazy! Sister Jackson still isn’t feeling well, so we’re trying to find the cause of her pain. But she’s such a great example to me–even when she is in pain, she still encourages us to go out and work hard.

-Talent show! This weekend we had what is probably one of the best ward talent shows I’ve ever been to. Some of my favorites: a cartwheel–just one :), stake president’s family reenacting a scene from Frozen “fixer upper” (finally got a sneak peak!) as well as playing Teach Me to Walk in the Light using musical tubes hit on their heads and, for the grand finale, us! The missionaries in the ward did the cup song (like the one in pitch perfect) to a medley of I Hope They Call Me on a Mission/Called to Serve/Army of Helaman. It’s on Youtube. We’re going viral. We have 115 views as of 5 pm last night. We’re kind of a huge deal, haha.

-Tuesday night we had a movie night with the youth–we had them invite their friends and we watched the Restoration with oven smores and popcorn. There were many nonmembers there and we were able to talk to them about Joseph Smith and begin teaching a few of them.

-Yesterday was testimony meeting (the first Sunday of every month where there isn’t any assigned speaker but members of the congregation are welcome to come up and share their thoughts and feelings on the gospel). For the first time since she’s been going to church since January, S bore her testimony! She is the German exchange student staying with the Orrs and she has been wanting to be baptized for several months now. Her mother wants her to be baptized in Germany when she’s 18, and Sarah is devastated. She is planning on going on a mission and going to BYU as soon as she can :) She attended the baptism of one of her friends from school and she cried the whole way through because she was so happy for her friend and so sad that it couldn’t be her. She bore such a strong and powerful testimony of the church and the change she has seen in herself as she learns more about the gospel and applies it to herself. Because that is what this gospel is about–learning and growing and changing to become more like Christ. She is going to do amazing things.

I love you all!
Sister Lauren Waddoups

p.s. [from Annie, Lauren’s mom] A woman in their ward sent us the link to the missionaries’ talent show entry:


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  1. Now THAT is showmanship. We loved the “CUP SONG” video. Can’t get enough of it. Way to go and create such fun for everyone.

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