Onward, ever onward

Hello everyone!

This week has been a little bit crazy!

-Monday night we were driving home and we see a group of people gathered around a tree. We pull over to see if we can help with anything, and we hear a cat meowing. For the first time in my life I saw a cat stuck in a tree! I had jeans in the car (just in case we found an unplanned opportunity to serve) and Sister Jackson helped me climb into the tree to get the kitten. While I was in the dense branches, a woman standing at the tree turned to Sister Jackson, looked closely at her nametag, and asked what ward we went to. She told her Stevens Creek and the woman said that she does too, but it’s been a long time since she had been. She had been feeling lost and alone, that Heavenly Father had abandoned her, and that morning she prayed that she would be able to feel His love for her. She told Sister Jackson that when she saw us, she felt Heavenly Father’s love for her and knew that He sent us to help and encourage her. Heavenly Father works in wondrous ways.

-Sister Jackson has been feeling horribly for the past month, and last night it got to the point where she was in so much pain she couldn’t handle it. We called the mission nurse, and she told us to go to the ER. Because of a GPS mixup, we followed the Elders to the hospital while Sister Jackson got blood tests and CT scans done. They stayed in the waiting room for 4 hours while Sister Jackson was high on morphine :) They weren’t able to discover anything causing the pain, but she got some pain medication and nausea medicine. I’m so grateful for those around us, medical staff, mission leaders, and fellow missionaries who were able to help and watch over us and make sure she was doing okay.

I love you all!

Sister Waddoups

It’s a success if you invite

This week we were able to see many mighty miracles happen in this corner of the world! And all came about by the help of members.

On Sunday the Bishop asked Sister Jackson and I to visit a part member family who had just moved into the ward, the H–s, who are a Micronesian family who immigrated recently. Brother H’s girlfriend (her name starts with an S…) had been talking with missionaries before and he asked us if we would start teaching her again. We visited them on Monday, and she told us she wanted to be baptized, but she just needs paperwork to come in so she can get married to Brother H! We went back and taught on Thursday, and we brought The Restoration DVD to watch with them. When we came on thursday we met A, her 12 year old cousin who lives with them. He watched the Restoration with us and at the end, when we turned to him to ask if he had any questions, he had tears in his eyes. We asked him how he was feeling, and he said he felt warm and happy inside. We told him that was the Holy Ghost, who tells you if what you’re seeing is true. It was an amazing lesson with them, and Sister H asked if she could keep the movie to watch again and again, and to show A’s parents :)

On Saturday afternoon, we got a text from one of the young men in the ward, C, whose good friend was baptized a little over a week ago. C said “Hey sisters, I have a friend coming to church tomorrow, could you teach her about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ during second hour?” Um absolutely. We talked with her during second hour and the spirit was super strong and she thought the Restoration made complete sense. She’s coming to mutual on Tuesday, a dance on Saturday, and a missionary bonfire activity next Tuesday. She is the best :)

It is so important for members to be involved in missionary work. You have an in with people and friends we don’t have a chance with by just knocking on their door. Will you (members) invite one person to watch a Mormon message or to have dinner with the missionaries? It doesn’t matter the result of the invite, it’s a success if you invite :)

I love you all so much!
Sister Waddoups


This week in Augusta

Hello all!

This has been quite the week! I have been able to see Heavenly Father watching over me and protecting me so much as I go about doing His work.

The other sisters ward were in a really bad car accident Friday night. But if there was going to be a car accident, it was orchestrated in the best way possible. Sister Drollinger was able to walk away from the accident and Sister Ramsden was released from the hospital the same night. The doctor at the ER who was working was a member from the other ward. The sisters were hit by a speeding corvette, who swerved just enough to miss hitting Sister Ramsden’s door and instead hit the front end of the car. There were two EMTs driving past right when the accident happened, and they were able to give immediate medical assistance. The Elders were eating with a member, and they answered the phone even though they were at a members house (which the never do) and was able to be there in two minutes and could give her a blessing immediately. 15 hours before the accident the sisters switched cars with another set of sisters, and when the paramedics came they said that there was a ridiculous amount of airbags that went off, so they switched into a more safe car. Sister Ramsden is healing incredibly quickly, her face has completely healed and the seat belt mark has almost gone away. Each day we see more and more miracles that are happening. He loves and watches over us :)

​We have been teaching an amazing investigator, S, since we’ve been in Augusta. She is a foreign exchange student from Germany who have been here living with the O family for the past few months. More than anything in  the world right now, she wants to be baptized. Her mom, rightfully so, is hesitant to have her be baptized here in the States. But she is a rock star. On Saturday she went on the youth temple trip–even though she just sat in the waiting room while everyone else went in.

Fire and sausage at the O family's house

Fire and sausage at the O family’s house

Our district: (front row l to r: Sister Drollinger, Sister Ramsden, Sister VanDyke, Sister Jackson, Sister Eggett; backrow l to r: Elder Hunsaker, me, Elder Moyo, Elder Seedall)

Our district: (front row l to r: Sister Drollinger, Sister Ramsden, Sister VanDyke, Sister Jackson, Sister Eggett; backrow l to r: Elder Hunsaker, me, Elder Moyo, Elder Seedall)

I love you all more than I can express!
Sister Waddoups

I’m going to melt come summertime

Hello Hello!

I hope all is well with you all in the various parts of the world y’all are in! Here in Georgia it’s beginning to get a BIT toasty. As in it’s already in the 90s and it’s only 11:20 a.m.  in early May. I think I’m going to melt come summertime.

This week what’s impressed me the most is the strength of the youth in our ward here. This past Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting, where all members of the congregation have the opportunity to share their testimony. In the ward, about 95% of the members who bore their testimony were young men. And each testimony was well thought out and super powerful. One young man, about 16 years old, stood up and bore his testimony on the comfort the Holy Ghost can bring. Another on the spirit which comes with music. Another on the power of prayer. The final young man told us about how he was having a rough week and prayed with his mom that he would be able to receive comfort, and immediately after he receives a text from some other young men in the ward inviting him to go biking with them. He continued to tell us that at every water break they would have a spiritual thought. As these 15, 16, 17 year old boys were biking around on a Saturday afternoon, they, by their own choice, stopped to have spiritual thought and moments to help build and strengthen each other. They are amazing.

I love you all!!
Sister Waddoups