Busted backyard bonfires and answers to prayers


Our week started out very well, all the missionaries were able to do service for a family in our ward. There was a bad ice storm here in February and it knocked a tree down in their backyard which demolished a shed and hit their roof. We were able to help them clean up the debris and chop up the tree and hit things with a crowbar :) We took the extra wood we destroyed and made a big bonfire. We gave a spiritual thought, prayed, and when we looked up from the prayer, three firemen had decided to join us. They put out the fire with their fancy hose and told us not to make such a big bonfire next time. I could see the headline: Mormon Missionaries Busted at Backyard Bonfire.

Looking back on the pictures, I guess it was pretty big…

Elder Hunsaker, Elder Robbins, Elder Moyo (in back), Elder Seedall, Sister VanDyke, Sister Jackson, me, Sister Eggett, Sister Drollinger, Sister Ramsden

Elder Hunsaker, Elder Robbins, Elder Moyo (in back), Elder Seedall, Sister VanDyke, Sister Jackson, me, Sister Eggett, Sister

We’ve started teaching our neighbor! We were walking around meeting our neighbors when he was outside, so we stopped and chatted with him. When he realized we were missionaries, he told us that he’s having a hard time believing in and trusting God. Yesterday he texted us and asked if we could stop by that night, so we came by and we had an amazing lesson with him. His mom died a few years ago, and he had a really hard time and blamed God. Randomly, in the middle of another conversation, I felt prompted to interrupt and ask if he’s ever prayed. He started crying and told us the one time he’s prayed was a few months ago and he received an answer so powerful and peaceful it was undeniable. But he hasn’t prayed since, because people were always telling him he could only pray with belief, and he felt like he didn’t have belief, so he didn’t want to pray. We talked with him about praying with real intent, how when you pray with real desire and a knowledge that you will act on the answer you receive, you will always receive an answer. It was amazing to see the peace and calm he felt by the end of the lesson as compared to the beginning and joy that the Spirit which was there brought to him.

We had a really good lesson in Relief Society yesterday all about faith vs belief. We talked about how belief leads to faith, but in order to make that transition, works is required. In order to know without a shadow of a doubt, you need to pray, read, and study it out in your mind. It was amazing to see how Heavenly Father prepares the way for people to receive the gospel. On looking back to [our neighbor], our goal for him this week was to pray with real intent. On Sunday we had a lesson on acting to develop faith, then he texted us, then we were in tune enough with the spirit to ask about prayer, and he was able to share his powerful experience with prayer. Heavenly Father truly knows best, there is no way we could have orchestrated that :)

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups