“CH–CH. What’s missing? UR” (Quitman Church of Christ sign)

Hello all!

I hope everyone is happy and doing well!

This week started the first week of a new transfer! New transfer, new start. It always causes reflection on how we’ve done individually and as a companionship, especially because Sister Szilagyi and I have the opportunity to serve together in Valdosta for another transfer :)

This week we were thinking about how we would act as a missionary if Jesus Christ was our companion. Would we be a different missionary? Would we talk to more people? Be more bold? More confident? More diligent? If so, we need to change to be that missionary. This transfer, we are going to be Christ’s companion. Each week we are going to focus on one Christlike characteristic and strengthening our ability to have that characteristic trait. This week we are focusing on Love and Charity. We’ve already been able to serve multiple people, including breaking a neighbor into her apartment.

Elder Hunsicker has gotten a new companion now that Elder Christian has gone home, his name is Elder Konopasek. They are going to do great things.

This week our car has been in the shop being fixed from the Morven-pothole incident, so we’ve been able to walk around and contact people all over Valdosta! Luckily it’s been plenty sunny and warm :) And we live with some other sisters who can pick us up when we’re in the middle of the projects at9:00 at night with a 45 minute walk home. However, the car keys we handed over to the shop happened to have our house key on the ring, so when the other sisters aren’t home we had no way to open our door. Luckily, Elder Christian had shown us how to break into our apartment when we had locked ourselves out of our apartment one morning, so Sister Szilagyi and I have gotten pretty pro at opening our door without our key. Out of the life skills I thought I’d gain on a mission, breaking into an apartment within a minute was not one of them.

Sister Szilagyi and I have been working with a member’s nonmember husband. He’s from Massachusetts and makes me feel quite at home! He was supposed to be baptized a little while ago, but something happened where he decided against it and has been against the church ever since. Somehow he took a liking to Sister Szilagyi and I, and he has been very open and honest with us. Last Friday we brought him a talk, a talk a woman in Sister Szilagyi’s home ward sent her out of the blue. Sister Szilagyi read it and she immediately felt impressed that we needed to give it to him to read. I read it after her, and received the same prompting. So the next time we went over, we brought it and invited him to read it.

When we came over next, the first thing he did was sit us down, pull out the talk, and tell us that it was the best, most clear, and most concise talk he has ever read. He loved all of it and had no issue with it. He told us that he never thought he would ever even consider the church again, but that the door has been reopened. The Spirit, through us, was able to help him recognize the truth and power in the gospel and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He had thought that baptism was just for the statistics, just so he becomes a member, just so the missionaries ‘get a baptism’. But through the talk he was able to realize it was so much more. That baptism is the gate. That it is the first step you need to take to receive salvation, and we’re out teaching him and trying to help him understand so he can receive exaltation because we care about him and because he is a son of God. He finally understood our true purpose and the true reason for baptism. It was an amazingly powerful lesson.

IMG_1471Sister Szilagyi’s first experience with Waffle House! Apparently they are famous for their grits, so I tried them this last time. They’re pretty good! (Sorry about the awkwardly large hand…)

I love y’all!
Sister Waddoups

p.s. Here’s the talk we gave him. It is amazing. I invite you all to read it!


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  1. Lauren, you and Sister Szilagyi are a great companionship, it is clear. I remember the “Blueprint” talk and it was wonderful and very articulate. I enjoyed looking it over again. So onward and upward with you and the Work. You make me smile, with your positive attitude and enthusiasm for the Lord’s message. God bless you, dear.

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