E’s Baptism!




Me and Sister Szilagyi on the ends, E in the middle in white.

After the baptism we were talking with E and we asked her how she felt. In her broken English she was beaming while saying “I’m happy. So good.” This is what it’s about. This is worth all the frustrations, all the slammed doors, all the negatives. The positives, the joy, the love, they all outweigh the negative. It’s all worth it to bring those we love closer to Christ:)

Last Pday we had a farewell fiesta for Elder Christian, who went home today!

Elder Gearheart, Elder Greene, Sister Jeppson, Elder Christian, me; Sister Tevi, Elder Hunsicker, Sister Szilagyi

Elder Gearheart, Elder Greene, Sister Jeppson, Elder Christian, me; Sister Tevi, Elder Hunsicker, Sister Szilagyi

We all made district shirts :)

District meeting #valdostapride (I know. We’ve started hashtagging everything. I blame Sister Tevi :))


Sister Tevi, Sister Jeppson, Me, Sister Szilagyi, Elder Christian, Elder Hunsicker, Elder Harris, Elder Greene, Elder Gearheart, and Elder Ditty

In the middle of the week I came down with Strep! It was horrible, I was quarantined for two days and wasn’t allowed to go outside and do anything. We got permission for an exchange, so Sister Tevi stayed home with me and her bum knee while Sister Szilagyi went out with Sister Jeppson to our appointments and to ward correlation.

This little munchkin is one of our investigator’s little girls. She’s two years old and is wearing Sister Szilagyi’s coat as a dress. Every time we leave her house she calls out from the door “See you soon! Love you!” She’s adorable :)

IMG_1436In other news, transfers are tomorrow and not only are Sister Szilagyi and I BOTH staying in Valdosta, but so are Sister Tevi and Sister Jeppson! The four pack continues to see another six weeks…

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

p.s. I loved the [Valentines] packages! They all came when I was stuck inside, so it made the day that much better when the same Fedex guy kept visiting multiple times :) He asked if I was slowly and one part at a time building a time machine. I said yes. Then brought it to the gospel and gave him a mormon.org card and taught him a lesson. Productive while still stuck inside :D It’s great, all the mail and package people know and love us. Over the holidays all the members were giving us sweets, and our counters were literally full of plates of cookies. So we started handing them out to the mail people and our investigators and random people on the street.


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