Powerhouse week

This week was amazing! It has been perfectly warm and sunny, so we were able to walk from appointment to appointment and talk to everyone who was outside. We met an amazing woman who doesn’t speak English very well, but we talked to her using our very limited Spanish, and her broken English. We talked to her about eternal families and set up a time to come back with a translator. We called everyone we knew who spoke Spanish, but no one could come with us, so when we came back for the appointment we brought an English and a Spanish Restoration pamphlet and prayed hard. Miraculously, we were able to understand each other and the Spirit was so strong. She has such a strong faith and testimony in Christ and that he speaks to us today.

On Saturday we started the day out with a baptism! He was one of the first ward’s sisters’ investigators, and we all came to support him at his baptism. He’s a man whose sister was baptized a few weeks ago, and he saw the joy it brought to her life and wanted that in his. In honor of baptism, he wanted to decorate his car [it says “just Baptized!”]. Of course we needed a picture of it as well! :)
IMG_1416After the baptism we headed off to teach a girl we have been working with for a while. She is the niece of one of our members. She only speaks Spanish, so last week we watched the Restoration DVD in Spanish. After the movie, she turned to us, with tears in her eyes and in perfect English, said: ‘That was in my dream. I hoped it was true and now I know that it is.’ It was a super powerful lesson and she promised to pray to know if she should be baptized. When we came back this week, we followed up on her promise, and she smiled and said ‘Yeah, how’s the 15th?’ It took us a minute to realize she didn’t mean next month, she meant THIS month, as in next Saturday! She should be baptized this Saturday, and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost in church on her birthday! She is such a miracle and has such a strong testimony and spirit; I love her so much!

Yesterday in church all of the Valdosta missionaries sang a medley the congregation joined us at the end of the song with “The Spirit of God” while we sang “A Marvelous Work.” It was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. At the end, when the congregation had ended and the missionaries were still singing, we sounded so much better and so much louder than we ever have. It was definitely angels singing with us :) It is a beautiful arrangement and is so powerful and moving.

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

Sister Lauren Waddoups
Georgia Macon Mission
400 Northside Crossing
Macon, GA 31210


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  1. Ah, Lauren. I love your spirit and I love your way of loving other people, no matter who or in what circumstances. I also like the pairing of the two hymns. I will have to look into that! Keep doing good work and enjoying it. You are awesome, amazing, and all other “a” words that are good qualities. Actively advocating? Anyway, I love you. Great writing, too.

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