[Short letter, posted one week late:]

We received an amazing referral last night; an 801 number called (a Utah area code) and when we identified ourselves as missionaries, the girl on the other end quietly said ‘oh! It worked.’ She told us that she is a convert who lives in Utah and her parents live in our area. She is leaving on her mission and wants her parents to know about the gospel. She started crying and was so nervous about it, she asked if we could keep it anonymous. I love her so much and I talked to her for maybe three minutes. She is so strong. I can’t imagine going on a mission without any of my family supporting or understanding my decision. We’re going to contact them tonight :)

Another miracle we experienced was one of our investigators, N. She has been searching for a church where she can find true happiness, and had previously recognized that in the previous churches they didn’t have any permission from God to act in his name. She recognized the joy we had from the gospel and has asked to continue to learn and develop and has accepted a baptismal date for 1 March. She and her children loved church on Sunday and are excited to come back :)

Sorry this week’s is so short, I promise I’ll write more next week!


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  1. Lovely stories, Lauren. The Spirit really does move people. God bless the sister who is leaving on a mission. She will value your love and support.

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