“Pause; Ponder; Pray.” CMA Church, Quitman, GA

This past week has been FREEZING! We’re talking socks under two layers of tights under leggings cold, and then two days later hot humid rain and two days later a tornado warning! It’s been some crazy weather down here!

IMG_1327Sister Wood was transferred this past Tuesday, and Sister Jeppson’s new companion is Sister Tevi, who’s from Dallas Fort Worth Texas slash is half Tongan half Samoan :)

IMG_1334Sister Szilagyi and I came home from church to find this at our apartment! PS at the door it says “watch your step” because as soon as we walked in the door Sister Jeppson and Sister Tevi attacked us with nerf guns. It’s cool, we got them back later :)

This past Sunday our sacrament meeting talks were Sister Missionary focused! Sister Szilagyi and I both spoke, as well as a sister in the ward who got back from her mission two weeks ago. Sister Szilagyi and I had six investigators at church on Sunday! Six from Miss E’s crew [see last week’s letter]:) Miss E walked in with a bright red 1950s Sunday hat and pocketbook (there is no other description of her purse; it was a pocketbook.) followed by Mr O in his 1950s red suit as well as Mr A in his mustard checkered suit, Mr G with his white soulpatch in his suit, and Miss P and Mr P in their sweats. It was a spectacular entourage.

The talks were all about the change the Atonement can have on us, and I enjoyed studying the actions needed to accept the Atonement into our lives and to affect us. One of my favorite quotes in the pamphlets we use says “In paying for your sins, Jesus did not eliminate your agency or personal responsibility–He will not make you clean against your will.” Just because Christ suffered for your sins and the trials and challenges we experience, it doesn’t mean we’re set, we’re good to go. Christ did suffer for our sins and everything we will ever experience, but we need to take action to allow that Atonement to affect our lives and to be clean again.

Because Christ suffered for every hardship and trial we experience, he knows exactly what we are going through and has a perfect understanding of what we are going through because He experienced it as well. Because of that perfect understanding, he knows exactly what to do to lift us up and help us rise above the challenges we go through, it’s just up to us to come to him.

This might be my new favorite Mormon Message:

I love y’all and hope all is well with you!

Sister Waddoups

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