Merry 2014!


This week was an amazing way to kick off a new year! We started off by having our own New Years celebration including a countdown to the new year…at 9:00 :)

nye mission style

The Elders made the chicken, rolls, and corn, and we made chocolate chip cookies and the salad, and we swapped food and brought it back to our individual apartments to enjoy the meal. Sister Szilagyi and I had a chocolate chip cookie recipe competition (judged by the Elders) and, for the first time ever, mine lost! (I’m sorry mom, I must not have made them right!)

This week was so full of amazing miracles that I hope I can fully capture the blessings we received. Sister Szilagyi and I went to an appointment we had with a potential investigator, E. E is a 80ish year old woman who is the epitome of a Christian woman. She takes people off the street and gives them a home and food to eat while they try to find a job and get back on their feet. Her front porch, back porch, and a couple sheds in the back yard are all turned into rooms for those in need. Her house is full of nick-nacks and gorgeous velvet curtains draped over everything. When we got to our appointment with her, she had a room full of people sitting and waiting for us to come and teach them. That lesson was one of the most raucous and uplifting lesson I have ever experienced. At one point I was thinking about what I was about to say, and A (the man sitting next to me) turns to me, starts fanning me with a pamphlet, and tells me to “Just spit it out. You got this babe. Ooh baby you got the spirit.” At one point we had a full grown man fanning us and rejoicing and expressing the Spirit he was feeling in a way that only a 50 year old black baptist man can; with a lot of loud praises to the Lord and exuberant testimonies. At the end of that lesson A turns to us and asks if we can come back and tell him more about the Book of Mormon, and where our church is.

Our next lesson with E and the crew went really well, we began reading the Book of Mormon with them. At the end of the lesson E stands up, declares that “these girls are sent from God to tell a message to each of you here”, and calls everyone there to repentance right then and there. She continues on to announce that she is going to set up a caravan this coming Sunday to bring everyone to church and that “if you make a promise to these girls; If you make a promise to God; If you make a promise to God that you will be at church next Sunday, you will be at church next Sunday. You make a promise to these girls, you make a promise to God. You. Do. Not. break a promise you make with God.” She’s amazing! She and A are being baptized on February 1 :)

Another miracle we had was with B. The Elders were visiting a less-active member and a woman came out and talked to them. She told them that she had asked her neighbor to tell the members from her church that she wants to learn about it and get a visit from them. The Elders then told us to come over and visit her, and when we did we had an amazing lesson with her. At church on Sunday she kept running to people and hugging them and thanking them for going over to visit her neighbor; she recognized everyone who had visited with her neighbor and recognized the family and love we have for each other–that pure love of Christ.

I love each of you!
Sister Waddoups

morven georgia

Morven, Georgia. It looks like the set from The Grapes of Wrath.