“Real solutions, not resolutions”

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Happy day before the day before New Years!

Christmas Eve was our District Meeting, so we were able to have a District Christmas party–white elephant gifts included.

Lookee here! A spongebob flashlight and camera!

Lookee here! A spongebob flashlight and camera!

While we dined on Little Caesar’s pizza (only the classiest food for us!) we had an amazingly spiritual impromptu testimony-bearing time. We were able to grow as a district and recognize our own testimonies growing as we talked about why we left on and stayed on a mission. Later that day we were able to go caroling, which is an amazing way to meet people. As soon as they heard carolers singing at their door, the whole family would gather around. We ended up caroling at a house where a Presbyterian church party was going on, and when we knocked on the door they had us sing multiple songs as more and more of the party joined–at the end we had around 30 people crowded at the door listening to us sing and some of our message about Jesus Christ.

Christmas was amazing here; the members are so kind to us. The Relief Society had us put together a list of what our apartment needed, and sisters in the Relief Society volunteered to buy us items from the list for our Christmas present. We now have a cheese slicer, a screw driver, and a mold-free shower liner. Life is good. :) In addition to the Relief Society giving us a huge box of goods, another sister in the ward put together a brown paper shopping bag FULL of food, toiletries, and our favorite cereal (the one thing which usually goes when you’re on a missionary budget and need to compromise with a companion). So much support and love from our ward family.

Also, we bought the Elders some Christmas ties from Goodwill. Apparently Elder Hunsicker, right before he left his apartment, said, ‘well, it’s a good thing I don’t look ridiculous.’  Elder Greene’s tie plays a really obnoxiously electronic version of Jingle Bells, and Elder Christian’s is boring and only has reindeer playing musical instruments dancing on a musical staff :)

missionaries ties

Elder Hunsicker, Elder Greene, Elder Christian

On Thursday Sister Szilagyi and I were knocking late at night (at 830. In reality, it isn’t all that late) and we started talking with a Methodist couple, K & A, about Family Night and the youth activities our church has. After the conversation we walked away, and tried a few other houses. We weren’t successful in talking to anyone else on that street, so we got back into our car to try one closer to our apartment, but K ran out after us and asked if we could come inside and tell them about what we believe. We came inside and answered some questions and talked with them about the Book of Mormon.

Early Saturday morning Sister Wood, a sister in another companionship who lives in the same apartment as us, suddenly and violently came down with food poisoning (did I mention it was early in the morning? We’re talking 12:30 am early here. Luckily I have a lot of practice taking care of that…) Late last week my companion Sister Szilagyi came down with the sinus black plague which has been circulating the mission, so there have been a lot of pushing through and trying not to die :)

Sister Szilagyi and I headed out to visit with some potentials and as we walked to one woman’s house, her neighbor saw us, said ‘you’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Love y’all!’ and ran into her house and shut the door. Wait what? We knocked on the potential’s door, she wasn’t there, so we went back to that woman’s house, awkwardly asked if the woman who just ran inside was home, and met N! She introduced us to her sons by saying ‘these girls are from the church we used to go to!’ to which her son responded ‘Oh yeah, I think I was baptized there’. What? Oh okay. She continued on to say how excited she was to find out that girls went on missions, stopped what she was saying and said ‘ y’all aint on bikes now are ya? If ya are, I’m gunna run to that church with a pitchfork!’ We quickly assured that no mobbing is needed, that we are lucky enough to get a car.

Love you all! Thank you for the Merry Christmases and the well wishes!

Sister Waddoups


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  1. I love reading your blog and hearing about your mission! I can just tell you are an amazing missionary!!! Love ya :)

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