Hello from Valdosta!

This past week was transfers and I am now serving in Valdosta, Georgia. I am in the deeeep south now, I can see Florida from my house! Not really but look, you can see signs for Florida:

My new companion is super awesome, her name is Sister Szilagyi (like Salami but with a “gee” sound instead of a m). She and I are pretty much the exact same person, we’ve read all the same things and think the same way and both love the why’s of things (we’re both supposers). She’s from Washington and is studying to be a psychologist. She’s super awesome and very excited to be on a mission :)

new companion Dec 2013
She and I opened up a new area in Valdosta, so we’ve been working on building up a teaching pool and finding people to teach. Our first night here we knocked on some apartments and met two students from Valdosta State and they immediately invited us in. They both go to a Baptist church and D. is in charge of the dance ministry there. We asked what that was, we had never heard of it before, and she described it as “bootleg ballet; we try to be graceful and we point our feet a lot in full swishy skirts.” They’re amazing :) We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner at their grandma’s house.

We found an amazing investigator, A., who had heard of the Book of Mormon before and was really interested in reading it and learning more about it. She asked if it was okay if she could read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and was excited when we told her that it’s exactly what we want her to do with it. :)

The Elders in our area also whitewashed in, so we’re both working on building up our area. Sister Szilagyi is an amazing soprano singer and I’m an okay alto, so we’re excited to go Christmas caroling!

Sister Szilagyi and I knocked on a house and looked in the window and found this. (Really creepy of us, I know…) A deerhead with a bow tie!

IMG_1220There are a ton of cotton fields everywhere. Everything looks like To Kill A Mockingbird, the houses are awesome! I can just imagine it 50 years ago and Scout running down the street to the court building. It’s super cool (also To Kill a Mockingbird is Sister Szilagyi’s favorite book, too. I told you we’re the same person!)

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

4 thoughts on “Hello from Valdosta!

  1. Hi there, love reading your blog! You gotta tell me what whitewashing is! Tom and Huck used to do that to fences in the South, but I can’t imagine that’s what the elders are doing. I send my love, your IAS

    • Hi Sue! Whitewashing is when both missionaries in a companionship are new to the area (instead of having one of them already oriented and experienced to the area). This time around both the sisters and the elders whitewashed in Valdosta.

  2. Ah, Lauren. I just love your posts, and I am happy about your new companion. Be sure to put on her training wheels for a while, until she gets her balance. Love the photo of you two. Two very lovely, pretty ladies of the missionary labyrinth. Valdosta – get ready for change! Sure do love you, darlin’.

  3. Hey sister waddoups we are all so glad you come down to are little pot hole called Valdosta we love you so much. Seeing nonmembers with you is the best thing ever, hope that life is going great for you love your new best friend amber :)

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