“Thankfulness isn’t just a day, it’s a lifestyle” -Calvary Church of Christ

Hello All!

This week has been a little bit of a crazy one! Sister Ballard and I went on exchanges in Pine Mountain on Tuesday and we have been focusing on thinking outside the box and finding new ways to find new investigators. It’s getting colder, so people aren’t outside anymore and it makes it difficult. But it’s almost caroling season! So hopefully we’ll find new investigators that way :)

Saturday night we got our transfer call and….I’m being transferred and will be training a new missionary this next transfer (which includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!). I find out on Tuesday where I’ll be sent and my bags are already packed! I’m excited for the opportunity to train a new missionary, it’ll be a big learning experience :)

We were driving to a potential investigator’s house and saw Christmas decorations which covered FOUR houses!
lw lights(I’m sure it looks more awesome at night…)

lw lights 2

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love,Sister Waddoups