“Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it”

– (sign on Calvary Church)


This week Sister Ballard and I were able to work with two of our investigators some more–they both got jobs this week and unfortunately, they both work every Sunday, so they aren’t able to attend church. However, yesterday we did have another of our investigators come to church this week! She is very good friends with a couple of members in our ward and although she grew up Catholic, her mom was a less-active member and she remembered having missionaries over all the time as she was growing up.

Sister Ballard and I had the opportunity to speak down in Cusseta, a group which meets separate from our ward but is too small to be a branch. Elder Stewart and Elder TIbbits are the Elders serving there and we were able to attend and speak to their congregation. There were 15 people at sacrament meeting in a small room in an old schoolhouse (a few weeks ago they switched from meeting in a BBQ place), and we loved it.

Cusseta church 1 cusseta church 2

It is the most intimate sacrament meeting I have ever attended and the spirit was very strong. Each of the members has such a strong testimony and such a strong belief and are so good and pure. It reminded Sister Ballard and me of what it must have been like to be in one of the first sacrament meetings of the church in the 1800s. It was amazing.

Love you all!
Sister Lauren Waddoups