I found the rolling hills

Hello All!

This week, as the sister training leaders for our zone, Sister Ballard and I were able to give a training at our zone training meeting about talking to everyone you meet and how to bring up the gospel every time you talk to someone! We think it went well, and everyone seemed to get something helpful out of it.

Also as the sister training leaders, we were able to go up to Pine Mountain and go on exchanges with the sisters there! Both Sister Ballard and I went up and were able to work in Pine Mountain and help them find new investigators. It is gorgeous up there! When I was called to Georgia I imagined rolling fields and plantations and open country, but when I got to Columbus all I found were trees and more trees! (it looks pretty much exactly like Massachusetts but with more and larger bugs) But up in Pine Mountain I found my rolling hills :)

IMG_1190 sunset

When Sister Ballard and I got back from Pine Mountain, we were able to attend a baptism of a ten year old whose mom and older sisters were all baptized and less active, and the Elders met them and taught her the lessons and now two of her cousins want to be baptized!

We went and visited a less active member last week who, when we offered to mow her lawn because she has back problems, said that we couldn’t because we were Sisters, but she agreed to let the Elders come and mow her lawn and said we were able to help weed and tend her garden for her. We all showed up on Tuesday to help her, and she doesn’t have a self-propelled lawn mower. So the poor Elders used her old push lawn mower, the kind I didn’t know people still used or existed, and mowed her whole lawn while Sister Ballard and I raked the cut grass and bagged it. Sorry Elders!

On Monday, preparation day, we carved pumpkins as a district!

On Monday, preparation day, we carved pumpkins as a district!

 In honor of Maddy I got baked potato soup in a bread bowl at Panera

In honor of Maddy I got baked potato soup in a bread bowl at Panera

Have a blessed week!
Sister Waddoups

p.s.  [We asked for more details about the holding up the chandelier story from last week]. So about that chandelier thing…Sister Ballard and I both felt like we should stop and talk to one woman walking her dogs. She was a good ways in front of us, so we were doing an awkward walk-run to catch up with her and just as we were catching up to her she walked into her house. We were super disappointed. We looked at the next street up and recognized that we had a potential investigator, with no name, from the potentials sheet from previous missionaries, who lived on the street. So we hiked up two mountainhills (they were seriously steep!) and reached her house. The door was open and so we knocked and heard a woman say ‘come in!’ that’s not very normal for missionaries, so we cautiously opened the door and said ‘it’s the missionaries?’ This 70 year old woman apologized and said that she thought it was her son because he was supposed to come help her and that she had been holding up her chandelier for the past 15 minutes waiting for someone to help her! The chain which connects the chandelier to the ceiling had broken so it was just dangling by the electrical cord. So we rushed in and help the super heavy chandelier for her until her son, a contractor, came and disconnected the cord. We taught her the first lesson and we have a return appointment this week! Heavenly Father led us to her, knowing that she would recognize us as an answer to her prayers and that she would be receptive to hear our message :) Just an example of one of the miracles we had last week