“You can’t go the wrong way and arrive at the right place”

(sign at Phoenix City Church of Christ)

Hello y’all!

This week was a week of miracles!
Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Aidukaitis (once again) in a zone training meeting! He gave us very specific and inspired advice and information, including completely reorganizing how we did our weekly planning! (EveryFriday morning we take a couple of hours and plan who we are going to focus on and what we are going to do for the next week) We used to plan what we wanted to teach investigators and got a pretty general idea of what our week was going to look like, but Elder A told us to plan for every hour of every day for the next week! It took a long time (about 5 hours. Our Zone Leaders took 6!) but it makes daily planning so much easier and we’ve already seen the blessings it brings!

Elder A challenged us to contact 10 people each, and so Sister Ballard and I took it upon ourselves to do it! We met a lot of people and have alot of new investigators, many of which were miracles! We ended up coming just in time to help a 70 year old hold up a falling chandelier, zip tie and bungee cord a front bumper to the car, and find many people who are searching for the gospel!

On Thursday during our mormon.org time (we get an hour a week to look on mormon.org and lds.org to know what is on the websites we are sending our investigators to) and we saw a referral come up on the referral site (people who look on the webpages and request a visit and more information send their contact information to us to come visit them) so on Friday night we headed down to meet her. We visited her and as we were visiting her, she mentioned the Elders who came by the night before!! We felt super bad that we went and accidentally visited the elders’ investigator, so we talked a little bit more and ended. […]. The Elders ended up swinging by right as we were leaving! Awkward. We’re going to try to let the Elders keep her as their investigator, but we might end up teaching her, we’ll see.

Sister Waddoups


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  1. Your seeking out the woman who has trust issues with men might have been the best thing that could happen to her. Or with her. I hope you can at least co-teach with the elders. Grandaunt Susie

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