“Few things are more powerful than a positive push”

(from a New Revival Christian Church sign)

Hello all!

This weekend was pretty exciting –J was baptized! He was the investigator who came to church with a less-active member and told us he wanted to find a church which could take him higher than his church could–and asked if he could learn more! Sister Ballard and I started teaching him that week and he progressed very quickly. […] He wasn’t able to attend church the Sunday before his baptism, but he looked up the church up where he was and attended that congregation!

(l-r) Sister Ballard, Sister Waddoups, Sister W, J, D, Elder Faleao, Elder Heilbut

(l-r) Sister Ballard, Sister Waddoups, Sister W, J, D, Elder Faleao, Elder Heilbut

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 come and teach a Missionary Leadership Council Meeting! (A Missionary Leadership Council meeting is where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders come together and talk about ways we can best help the mission and the missionaries and receive training on how to best serve as a leader) It was super helpful, especially because this is my second week being a sister training leader and I have very little idea of what I’m doing!  Elder A talked alot about desire and diligence in finding new investigators to teach, that is something the mission struggles in. He challenged each of us, each missionary in the companionship, to talk to contact 10 people a day, and quoted Elder Ballard who said that if we each contact ten new people a day, he promises that the number of baptisms will double or triple! So that is our mission’s new goal–for each missionary in the field to contact 10 people daily. One of our Assistants to the President said that contacting people is a way of contacting referrals from the Lord. So I’m definitely going to strive to contact a lot more!IMG_1151This is a small Revolutionary War cemetery in the center of Columbus…the car dealership was building their parking lot a few years ago and accidentally dug up this grave…so they moved it over a little and built a small cemetery for it.
IMG_0056One of my favorite church billboards; we pass this a couple times a week on the way to church

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

p.s. [from her family letter]

I wish I could email/write everyone who writes me every week. But we can only write letters on P day and I only have an hour on the computer–I’m still trying to catch up from my first week out!

[We asked about being a Sister Training Leader, which is her new role] We have STLs for almost all the zones, the North Augusta and Augusta zones only have one sister training leader. A STL goes on exchanges and helps with the sisters in her zone…so it’s similar to a zone leader which is way scary because I’m still in training and I have no clue what I’m doing, much less be able to tell other sisters what to do and how to be a better missionary! But I guess if Heavenly Father thinks I can do it, I can do it! There are three other sets of sisters in our zone, including Sister Christensen, who was my MTC companion! I’m going to end up driving (a lot sooner than most!) and we’re going to be driving all over the zone. We’re planning a sister’s zone conference (first in the mission ever! We’re finding out if we can get the president’s permission for it) where we’ll train the sisters and get to know them better :)


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  1. Lauren, wahoo for you, Sister Waddoups. An STL. You will be great. I can sense your excitement for the work. Sure do love you, darlin’. Keep the faith. Gma B

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