Transfers week!

This Saturday Sister Ballard and I got a call letting us know that we are not transferring this week, we are staying in Flat Rock as the new Sister Training Leaders for our zone! BLOG9536

A picture of our district (l to r) Sister Ballard, Sister Waddoups, Elder Faleao, Sister Bush, Elder Darke, Elder Bush, Elder Heilbut, and Elder Stewart. Everyone in our district is staying except for Elder Darke. He was waiting for his visa and he finally got it! He’s leaving today for Brazil. Elder Stewart has been in the ward here in Flat Rock for eleven months and has three more months until he’s going home and he’s going to stay here another transfer and begin to train a new Elder, probably for another twelve weeks. So he’s probably going to be in his last area for 14 months. Everyone in the ward loves him and is excited he’s here to stay.IMG_0057

One of Elders Heilbut and Faleao’s investigators was baptized this last Saturday! Sister Ballard and I have had the opportunity to teach him some lessons when the Elders (who are the zone leaders) are out of the area on exchanges and can’t teach him. It was an amazing experience to be able to help him overcome some challenges and see the joy he had at his baptism. (l to r) M, Sister Ballard, Sister Waddoups, R, Elder Heilbut, and Elder Faleao.IMG_0052This is a woman in our ward who has adopted us as her kids and calls herself our southern mama. She has us over every week and feeds us dinner and invites her neighbor over to learn more. She has a bird that talks and whistles to us :)

Love you all!
Sister Lauren Waddoups



One thought on “Transfers week!

  1. Dear Lauren, We knew that you will make a difference in the areas that you serve in and you have.  It is a special experience to witness the baptism of someone that you have help to teach.  It is such a blessing to help others to draw closer to the Savior.  Each missionary sews more seed than they harvest but lives are changed in small ways until they are ready to accept the challenge to seek to know the truthfulness of the Gospel.  The other morning the elder that gave the thought reminded us that we are influenced by the words we chose to use.  He suggested that instead of saying, it’s time to get to work we say, “It’s time to serve”.  Using the word “serve” give us a whole different feeling.  With the type of service we give it is easy to feel like you are working in an office just like one did before they retired.  Grandpa has recently recovered from a good chest cold and the past few days he has been suffering with back pain.  He has an appointment to see the doctor in a week for a shot that is expected to help him.  He is feeling much better tonight and will continue to take it easy so he can return to serve on Monday.  Last Wednesday we noticed that the flower beds on temple square had hundreds of pansies and bulbs lying in the flower beds.  That evening youth groups came to plant them.  They sure looked nice the next morning when we walked by them.  Crews are also busy putting up the Christmas lights.  I noticed today that most of the trees have the lights on them.  The lights start going on the trees in August and it talks until Thanksgiving to get them all up and going.  Today has been a very beautiful fall day.  I really enjoyed my walk this afternoon.  Last week-end we drove to Logan so we could see the fall colors in Sardine Canyon but we were almost too late.  We also drove up Smithfield Canyon and there was more color there.  The fall colors are so beautiful.  We found the home that your parents have rented.  It looks really nice and should be very comfortable for them.  We hope that you have had a good week spreading the light of Christ in your corner of the world. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Waddoups  

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