Ups and downs

Hello all!

General Conference was amazing this weekend (General Conference is where the apostles and prophets of our church speak to the world and give counsel); I love noticing which topics are repeated–this conference missionary work was highly emphasized! (It was also interesting how the role of women was more emphasized as well).

I know that when members and missionaries work together, investigators and recent converts are able to become even more strengthened and will help both the members and the investigators become truly converted and endure to the end! As a missionary we always appreciate it when a member asked when this week they can come to a lesson with us and help us with investigators and referrals. This morning Sister Ballard and I received a phone call from a member in the ward telling us about a girl he works with and how they watched general conference together and that she noticed the different feeling she had when learning about our church rather than other churches and asked us if we could begin to help teach her. He has already began implementing what we are asked to do by our prophet!

This week has had its ups and its downs. Sister Ballard and I have gone to visit some less-actives in our ward and a majority of the people we met do not remember they were baptized! That is surprisingly common in our area, but usually they remember as we ask about their life. In one case this week she had never heard of the Book of Mormon or heard even of the church. But she was a sweet woman, she invited us in and fed us and we talked about the church. She promised to read the Book of Mormon and said we could come back, so maybe she’ll remember the church as she reads.

On Wednesday we held our weekly Book of Mormon class and afterwards we had a lesson with [the two men I talked about last week]. We had them read 3 Nephi 11, which is when Jesus Christ talks to the people in the Americas about baptism, so we talked a lot about baptism and answered their questions on Wednesday. They are both ministers at a prison, and they enjoy deeply studying the scriptures, including the Book of Mormon. They always come to lessons having read more than we asked them to and with insightful questions and comments. Sister Ballard and I extended the invitation of baptism and they both said yes, but didn’t want to commit to a date to prepare for.

On Friday [we learned that we would be transitioning the two men to be taught by the elders in our ward for a couple of good reasons]. Sister Ballard and I were sad to lose [them] as investigators, but we understand. So, they are now being taught by the Elder Faleao and Heilbut. This morning the Elders called to let us know that [one of the men] called them early this morning and told them that he wants to be baptized on October 19!

I love you all,
Sister Waddoups

[Family’s note: No pictures this week but we did finally download the photos from Lauren’s family farewell party we held here in Australia before she left:]

Lauren's farewell corrected3

The fab four. Two sets of sisters–Dallas, Georgia, Maddy, Lauren.

Lauren's farewell corrected4

Lauren's farewell corrected2

Lauren's farewell corrected1


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