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With Sis. Ballard, my first companion

With Sis. Ballard, my first companion


This past week was a little bit crazy; we spent most of our time contacting less actives, recent converts, and part-member families. Our ward has a military training center, Fort Benning, in our boundaries, which is its own challenge. We have a lot of less-actives living on base, and we aren’t allowed to tract on base or just drop by, we need an appointment, so that makes it difficult to meet with the less-actives. Because we aren’t able to get in contact with them, we don’t know when they move, so our ward ends up being a little bit of a records dumping ground. The members of the ward who are military are here anywhere from three months to two years, so the ward is very transient, it can be tricky.

Last Monday we went to the home of one of our less actives, and we met his wife, S, who is not a member, and their five year old daughter. A couple minutes after we started talking to her she told us that she can’t wait to get baptized into the church! Now she’s on date for October 12 :)

On Tuesday we finally found an investigator whose address was written down incorrectly in the area book (the Elder who found him is our district leader so when he asked how he was progressing we got his correct address) and we went and visited him! Unfortunately between the time the last time the missionaries met with him and when we found him, someone had given him an anti-Mormon DVD. When we tried to talk to him and understand what questions and concerns he now has, he did not want to hear anything we were saying or want any part of the church, even though he knows the Book of Mormon is true and has read it three times and prayed about it and has come to church many many times. When someone doesn’t want to listen, there’s nothing we can do. It feels like we were dumped :( haha.

Last night we went knocking before the ward coordination meeting (where the missionaries talk to the ward mission leader about the past week) and when we parked we decided to knock not at the house where we parked the car, but at the house a little ways down first. We talked with her for a little while, then went over to the house where our car is parked and knocked. No one answered the door, but as we were walking up the driveway, a car pulled in and we chatted with her for a little bit. Apparently she was baptized when she was a senior in high school! We didn’t have her records or knew she existed, but we have an appointment to come back this week!

Love you all!

Sister Lauren Waddoups
Email: lauren.waddoups@myldsmail.net

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(Some answers to questions from our family letters):

What have you learned this week?
My mission president has challenged each of us to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days with something in mind. I’m reading looking for ministering of angels–earthly and heavenly. It’s been really cool! I want to challenge you to read it doing the same [but your own topic]. It comes out to about 6 pages a day. :)

What did you do on your P day (Prep Day)?
Today we’re going to go geocaching with M (from the ward) and the elders in our district. Last week we played monopoly and volleyball in the church gym.


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  1. Dear Lauren, Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your missionary activities. It sounds like you are working hard to find those that you can teach and are having some success. Since the first area that I served in as a young sister include the Alamada Naval Air Base. We had a sticker on our car that let us on the base but we couldn’t do any tracting. My companion and I were the first sisters to serve in Alamada. There were some active church members (young men) that were actively looking for opportunities to share the gospel. When they were out to sea for several weeks some of their buddies would attend Sunday service with the LDS group. They always had investigators for us to teach when they returned.As a result welooked forward to the ships return. A few wanted to learn more but most didn’t.We are glad that youhave beenable tofindsomeone to teach.The people in Georgia must not realize that you came all the way from Australia to give them a special message about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As for our activities we have been very busy each week-end. Connie called Saturday morning seeking help with getting the girls and Jackson to theirsoccer games. Ryan was busy helping to prepare for the high school homecoming game and Connie was busy preparing for a stake Relief Society couples dinner and program. We had plans for part of the day with my (Grandma’s brother, sister and their companions. We told Connie we would come mid-to late afternoon. We had a good visit, lunch and played the game, Hand and Foot with my siblings. It was time well spent. Then we were off to help Connie and Ryan out. Ryan needed to be at the dance and Connie was serving up the dinner. She had Emma and Kjerstin helping her. I went to the church to help, have dinner and thenworked on the clean up whilethe program was going. Emma and Kjerstin were good helpers. Grandpa had dinner with Isaac and Jackson. They watched Star War movies. It is so wonderful to be close enough that we can spend time with family. However, we have had a hard time getting our Saturday chores done because ofbeing with familyfor a good share of the week-end. That is ok because the chores will alwayswait for us and the opportunity to be with familyDoesn’t wait until it is convenient. Besides it is more fun to enjoy the company of family. As for our missionary responsibilities Grandpa keeps working on water issue projects and I keep addingdata about the oiland gas royalties. As soon as I start to feel comfortable with a program I am given a new program to learn. It is a good thing that I like to learn new skills. Grandpa is also learn how to do things that he hasn’t done before with water. From what I have been told many of the royalty dollarsgive support to the missionary department. We are tracking the royalties better now than they have done before and we are learning that we aren’t getting all that we should. I am sure that someone will be following up on the dollars we are losingthat we didn’t know about. We hope that you have a great week and thatyou will find more success in finding those who are willing to listen to your message. Oh, if they only understood that you would like to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the Savior. Lauren, we are reading the Book of Mormon along with you. Love, Grandpa and Grandma W.


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