“I’m sorry, I’m a devout (insert name of church here)”

First day in the Georgia Macon mission

First day in the Georgia Macon mission

Hello from Columbus, Georgia!

Last week I was sent out into the mission field and, man, is it different from the MTC. My new companion is Sister Ballard (yes, she’s related to Elder Ballard but are distant cousins haha) and we were put into the Flat Rock Ward in Columbus, Georgia. The area has been whitewashed, which means that both of the sister missionaries who were here have been transferred out and my companion and I are completely new to the area. We’ve mainly been working on getting to know the ward and the less actives; the last sisters didn’t leave us with many progressing investigators, but we’ve slowly but surely been getting to know the area better.

We go out and knock on doors a lot and the constant response we get is “I’m sorry, I’m a devout          .” It may be Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, it doesn’t matter; everyone belongs to a church, attends every Sunday and reads the Bible consistantly. Man is that different from anywhere I’ve lived! In Massachusetts and Australia there were very few people who went to church every Sunday or read the Bible consistently. But that just means here we already have a stepping stone to build off of: their faith in Jesus Christ. But everywhere we go, people are kind and nice to us and are interested in the idea of a mission. We haven’t had a door slammed in our face, that’s a good sign! Most people just kindly turn us down or don’t answer the door if they know who we are (the name badges are pretty identifiable).

Sister Ballard tells me that in every ward there is someone who knows exactly what is going on in their ward, for us it is [M]. She holds three callings as the Primary Teacher, Cub Scout leader, and the ward missionary. She is a fountain of knowledge and is our best friend. If we need anything, information, a ride, eggs, she’s the person to go to; she knows everything and everyone. She is pretty amazing.

I love you all!
Sister Waddoups

One thought on ““I’m sorry, I’m a devout (insert name of church here)”

  1. Sounds like the south, alright. So many friendly people, all with a belief system. I like your positive way of looking at that as a solid foundation to build on. You have such a friendly demeanor that many will be drawn to you and what you have to share.

    Here’s what I’d say if someone arrived at my door this week, “Sorry, I’m a devout pill taker, and I can’t concentrate enough to read anything constantly.”

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